About School of Self Esteem

Love yourself first is an essential part of self-esteemMany people in today’s world find themselves insecure, low in self-confidence, or unhappy with who they are. We’re here to change that. The School of Self Esteem is a platform with the aim of empowering you so that you can improve the way you feel about yourself – in essence, to love yourself first.

We believe everyone deserves to know their true self-worth and wanted to create a safe ‘place’ to facilitate this. Hence began the School of Self Esteem, here for you as a program that can change your outlook about yourself and subsequently, your life. We help you share your own stories (under an alias), because it is cathartic and a step towards healing and self-acceptance. Reading about other’s journey’s also reveals you aren’t alone and gives you an insight to how they overcame their challenges.

The School of Self Esteem is focused on eradicating the concept of feeling worthless, ashamed, unlovable or insignificant. We do this by translating into layman’s language the best research from the World’s most pre-eminent social-scientists.  The ‘science of happiness’ has progressed so far that it now has its own name – Positive Psychology. The School of Self Esteem is simply making that accessible.

Take the first step, big or small, and the rest is an upward journey towards higher self-esteem and a happier mindset.

Currently, our courses are online and designed for adults. However we intend to introduce a program for teenagers shortly.

Where We Work

The School of Self-Esteem is based in beautiful Sydney, Australia. We work in a collaborative open-plan environment near the city centre and Sydney harbour.

Our Offices:


Our special thanks to Adam HandymanBella Zanesco and Carl Retschko for the contribution and use of their photography. Special thanks also to Rupert Brown for his camera and sound gear used to make many of our videos.

Photo of Man having a good time

Photo by Adam Handyman

Disneyland photo signifying happiness and fun

Photo by Carl Retschko

Photo of a woman wearing a Live and Love t-shirt epitomising freedom

Photo by Bella Zanesco