School of Self Esteem: How we Help

The School of Self Esteem helps Users improve their self esteem in three major ways:

  • We provide self esteem courses online, which you can access from where you want, when you want;
  • We publish personal self-esteem stories, which is cathartic for the writer and inspiring for the reader; and
  • We host forums where you can anonymously discuss the self esteem issue that’s relevant to you

Watch how the School of Self Esteem will help you build your self esteem

How Can We Help You Right Now?

Many user’s only come to the School of Self Esteem when they are bordering on desperation to fix their self-esteem and want a quick fix. Whilst our self-esteem isn’t, by it’s nature, something we can quickly change, the School of Self Esteem can give you instant help.

The following Audio Relaxation Recording will help reduce your fear, anxiety and make you feel more relaxed and at peace. It’s designed to help give you the mental clarity and space you need to start thinking about your own self esteem and take onboard the information we present you with. Enjoy 🙂