Overcoming Low Self Esteem: Change Your Beliefs

By Vik Nithy – –  We know that our beliefs can influence our self-esteem, but how can we actually change them? Much has been written in both academic and personal development literature about the importance of our beliefs in influencing our thought patterns, emotions and behaviour. Perhaps all human behaviours ultimately stem from conscious or subconscious beliefs. Why does […]

School of Self Esteem's Vivid Event

Vivid Event and Launch of Self Esteem Courses

On Friday 29 May 2015, the School of Self Esteem’s principal, Sean Nunan, presented, Self Esteem: How Science Can Help, to a sold-out crowd as part of Sydney’s Vivid festival. Sean’s talk was about helping people with low self esteem improve how they feel about themselves. It took attendees through the science of building your […]

Women emerging from her self esteem issues

Self Esteem: Five Signs Yours Needs Boosting

If you feel: like no one understands you; directionless about where you’re headed with your life; lacking or worthless; ashamed and held back by something that’s happened in your past; afraid to be yourself; then it’s likely your self esteem is in need of boosting. Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Low self-esteem is […]