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Sydney School Helping Parisians Post Terrorist Attacks

Self-esteem expert and Principal of School of Self Esteem, Sean Nunan, said the events of Friday the 13th of November in Paris had so moved him, he felt compelled to assist those affected by helping to reduce their anxiety and fear.

Mr. Nunan said, “After waking up to the news on Saturday morning, I felt both a deep sadness and also powerless to help. I assumed a foreigner couldn’t practically assist the people of Paris or France. I then went to work Monday and started working on a relaxation and anxiety-reducing recording. We use these to reduce the anxiety and fear of our students. It then occurred to me that fear was exactly what the people of Paris would be experiencing and relaxation is what many needed right now.”

He said, “The School of Self Esteem uses Audio Relaxation Recordings to help people reduce their fear and anxiety. This is common amongst people suffering from low self-esteem. I’ve found these recordings to be amazingly effective in helping people.”

“The recordings take the listener through each part of their body and relax it and release the tension stored here. Once relaxed, the recording takes the person through a simple but effective visualisation to release their fear and anxiety.”

“With the Paris recordings, we have included bilateral stimulation. This is a sound moving from left to right and helps listeners re-engage the left and right hemispheres of their brains. When people go into fight or flight mode, they focus on survival and lose their ability to access the logical and creative parts of their brain. This bilateral stimulation is the basis for EMDR therapy, which is used to treat patients of post traumatic stress disorder.”

The recordings have been made available in both English and French and can be found here:

“Making the recordings took a team effort. First we needed feedback on the English language recording. Given my French is limited, I had a Frenchman in Sydney translate the script. I then needed to find a French voice over artist. With Google’s help, I shot off emails to a number of people in France and settled on an artist who had experience with similar material. Incredibly, 48 hours later I had a recording in French. I then needed a French speaker in Sydney to review her work to ensure it hit the mark. A week later and with all that help, and we have released it and are helping people.”

“To the extent we can help reduce the world’s anxiety and fear even a little bit, then we are helping to defeat terrorism.”

Mr. Nunan has released more details on the back story and work undertaken on the School of Self Esteem’s blog: http://www.schoolofselfesteem.com/self-esteem-stories/helping-those-affected-by-the-paris-terror-attacks/


About Sean Nunan and School of Self Esteem

Sean Nunan is a Sydney based self-esteem expert, and the founder of School of Self Esteem. Sean has studied Positive Psychology at U.C. Berkeley and Personal Change at Harvard University.

School of Self Esteem exists to help people build their self-esteem. It is a predominantly online school providing online courses, anonymously publish peoples’ self-esteem stories and hosts a self-esteem community. For more information visit www.schoolofselfesteem.com

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